Slowkids & Mushmouth - TRANSCEND - 12.10.2011

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Slowkids & Mushmouth - TRANSCEND - 12.10.2011

Post  djraverfox on Wed Dec 07, 2011 2:21 pm


MushMouthMedia and Slow Kids Present:
Dec. 10th, 2011
Baltimore Warehouse

... Prepare to trascend on December 10th, 2011. Open your ears and close your eyes, we're taking you to the next level. With insane blacklight deco and unique surprises we hope you'll experience something you wont forget. Have you felt that moment when youre dancing and the bass hits at the right second and you forget everything else around you? Thats what we aim to bring you! Some of the area's sickest Producers and talented DJ's are gonna be bringing the noise to keep you moving all night.
Things are gonna get heavy so bring your toys, gloves, hoops, and good vibes out Smile

As always 18+
10$ Quick Grab
15$ At the Door
Psychedelic Decor
Video Projections by Projectile Vomit
lights lazers bubbles and much more
PLUR and ROAR in effect

Location by Email:

Link to high rez flier:


DJ 2rip is a rare breed of artist that can successfully hone his craft all while being business savvy enough to produce some of the country’s largest Electronic Dance Music parties, under the B.A.D.ASS moniker. With 13 years of experience, DJ 2rip now sits at the helm of producing raves and festival events in 6 different states around the country. He has toured over twenty major cities around North America including Cancun, Mexico and has shared the same stage as artists like Moby, Pendulum, Rusko, SubFocus, Disco Biscuits, Datsik, Benny Benassi, Steve Aoki and Wolfgang Gartner . His status as an East coast legend has now been amplified as he has been a feature at the Starscape Festival which boasts an attendance of over 13,000 as well as maintaining a residency with Steez Promo at the seasonal “Massive” events, hosted out of Baltimore MD.

Gangsta Fun
Heavy Artillery, Basstarded, Bassclash
Gangsta Fun is frequently described using one word.. "Sick". Hailing from the town of Baltimore; both spinning and producing Dubstep and Drum n' Bass over the past decade, he has released close to 40 selections of his original production on such labels as Faust and Shortee’s Heavy Artillery Recordings, Sub Chamber Digital, and Source Records to name a few. With the success of starting his own Dubstep label, "Basstarded Digital" in late 2010 and a string of Beatport charted releases including "Wire Hangers", "Philosophers Stone", and "Alien", Gangsta Fun has been receiving worldwide recognition from some of the biggest names in the business.

Symbiotic, Buzzlife, B.A.D. ASS
Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 10 years, you’d be amiss not to know the names Daniella Downs and Dj a.M.p. Having 20 years of dj’ing and event throwing combined under their belt, these 2 longtime veterans of the game have joined forces with one goal in mind. Total Phunktastic Domination. Wheather it be at their legendary parties, doing sound for other events or running their label Helltrack Recordings, these two know how to rock parties on multiple levels, and have destroyed every dancefloor they’ve touched. Be prepared for a tricked out funky house assault like you haven’t heard in years.

Mike Phear
Slow Kids, Steez promo
Mike phear has been killing shows for slow killing it. Playing shows at bourbon street and shows like Psychedelic Nightmare, Mike phear has made a name for him self. His grime-eee dubstep madness is aimed to drill deep into your cerebrals. Be ready to be blown away, because Mike Phear is coming ready for WAR!

An0dyne is the newest addition to Rebel Force. This up and coming producer and dj already has releases under his belt on Section 8 Recordings and is putting in work in the local scene. Keep an eye out for An0dyne!

Droid Beats
//Electro House//Progressive Trance//
//Funky Elements Recordings//Intermission LTD//Metronix Recordings//Peakhour Music//Digital Distortion//
Since the year 2006 it was clear Moscoso had a natural talent for the arts. Being brought up around the soulful synths of EDM it was only natural that his production remain on the same path. Under the alias Ponchoz, Michael began his journey at New York City's Well known club, "Europa" in 2008 and has been crowd pleasing ever since. A year later, he was reinvented as the "Classic Local Favorite" we know and love, Droid Beats. As of now his talent, passion, & love for production in (House,Electro,Trance,Hardstyle) continues to grow and has shared his ability to rock the floor on lineups with DJs and Producers such as :: Rob Gee, Frankie Bones, X-Dream, How Hard, Breakfast, Lenny Dee, Anthony Nero, Neophyte, Showtek, Exodus, DJ.Dank, just to name a few.. since 2010 He has teamed up with the Hip Hop bread eMCee Voyce also known as MastaChief and as a duo they represent the best of both worlds and can guarantee you every night will be memorable.

Goodvibes, MushMouthMusic
Bassdread is the famed duo of Baltimore's own Zeus the Sound Shaman and Halsey Ruckus, combined they are one of the Baltimore area’s leaders when it comes to conscious thought and the spiritual revolution at hand. Their DJ sets are highly infused with ever-present spirituality and filled with a high range of sounds, covering liquid funk to soulful dubstep! They have also shared the stage with world famous acts such as Downlink, Boys Noize, Vaski, Lucky Date, Evol Intent, Terravita, Urban Assult, Mark Instinct, Sluggo, Alvin Risk, Helicopter Showdown, MSTRKRFT, DJ Hype, Kill the Noise, 16 Bit, Ajapai, Mustard Pimp, Bird Peterson, Calvertron, J Rabbit, Angerfist, TELESMA, Cyro Baptista & Beat The Donkey, Drivepilot, Dirty Talk, Minnesota, Ill.Gates, Hot Mess, Goldie, Joe Nice, Starkey and Voodoo Farm and many more

The Wetsteppers-
Jake and Jess met in the fall of 2007. They began playing together as The Wetsteppers in the Fall of 2008. Having the chance to play events with lot's of veteran DJ's including: Proper Villians, Oh Snap!, Angel Alanis, Frankie Bones, Proxy and Lantern, Jen Lasher, Monsterz Under the Bed, Simply Jeff, Sick Boy, DJ Irene, Baby Anne, Shortee, Faust, Reid Speed, AK1200, Uberzone, Deekline, Fort Knox Five, Messinian, NumberNin6, Danny the Wildchild, Venom, Heavygrinder and many others they know just how to hold their own!

Slowkids, GVR, Low Viz
With sounds, from out of this world, B-Rice will completely melt your mind. This artist has played alongside some of the country's most innovative producers such as NastyNasty, Gladkill, Mussck and Freddy Todd. This beat smith of sound has gained experience and a technical craft that is impossible to duplicate. With the power of heavy bass and glitchy goodness you will be taken on a journey like no other. Be prepared and open your mind to the idea that this is more than one reality, as your world is about to change completely. Keep an eye out for his tunes on Global Vortex Recordings on Bandcamp.

In Japan the summer of 1998, the Baltimore based artist Phil, also known as Linkmindz, began producing electronic music after being exposed to techno. His first productions were done on the program “MTV’s Music Generator”, which was one of the most sophisticated user friendly producing programs at the time. After maxing out the programs resources, Phil went on to find another platform for producing music and graduated to Fl Studio in 2001. After being exposed to Break dancing and the hip hop culture the summer of 2003, Phil started DJing to further his creative Passions. For 8 years, he had been producing tracks and DJing house parties until he was ready to finally play at a club stage. His first official club performance was at the Red Maple April 18, 2011. He has been developing a strong following ever since with his unique complextro & hard disco style that stays true to the feeling of Rave. Linkmindz is a part of the new generation aiming to take his sounds across the planet. Let Linkmindz take you on a musical trip.

DJ Obscure and Troy Tallent
DJ Obscure-
Born in a lab, his mother was an Alien from the planet Uranus and his father was a piece of Ham. Together they were able to make a Ham Bearlike creature. When he is not spending his time wearing pink socks and having sex with anonymous underage girls he rocks the decks like an angry baby that wants to be feed. He confuses minds with his alienlike sounds and melodies. Noted as the next big thing by Black Tail magazine he is not to be slept on.

DJ Troy Tallent-
In May of 2010, Troy was introduced to the recently mass growing community of the EDM scene. He began going to events, building new friendships and making contacts, who have become what he felt a family in the scene. Soon after being introduced, Troy then started following his path towards his love towards music, introducing himself to just about anyone and everyone he could at any event he attended, in effort to learn more about the scene and about the music of the nature. By July of 2010, Troy started learning from good friend Bryant "RX". Shortly after RX showed Troy the path, he had been accepted in by the crew he had been working towards, VA's Finest. You can now catch Troy at many events throwning down electro/ dutch/ progressive house

You all might know Ms. Massacat as Ms. Massacre. She has done more than her fair share for the scene, specifically for Badass, Slow Kids and MushMouth. There isn't much that this one chick army can't do and guess what? She DJ's too! You probably saw her dropping science at Sesame Retreat and Rave. With serious stage presence and funky grime-ee fidget beatz, she will take you on a joy ride from another dimension. Get ready, cuz Massacat has scratch fever!

see you all there. =)

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