06.02.2012 - Hardcore Volume III

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06.02.2012 - Hardcore Volume III

Post  djraverfox on Tue May 22, 2012 12:05 am

Rave-waves of hypersonic hardcore sound thunder through the sickened city streets. Rejuvenate your inner hero and smite the threat of evil!


Baltimore City Ravers brings you the next installment of hardcore sounds! Keeping it alive!

$10.00 To Join the Quest for Righteousness!


One of the most recognized names in the NYC Hardcore Techno scene How Hard, aka The Pied Piper of Hardcore, has continued to rock dancefloors throughout North America for years with his hard hitting hardcore/gabber, hard techno, industrial, drum-n-bass, and more. As an original artist as well as co-founder of respected NYC DJ crew Hardmind and internationally recognized top-selling record label Hard Kryptic Records, How Hard continues to branch out and conquer the music industry.



Dj Scott Feld Aka Mad Panda started on the stages of the Brooklyn Underground as a multigenre hard-dance DJ.
After sparking up local attention, Promoters from around America have taken note of the style and presence of this EDM show man. Scott started his US Tour this summer, kicking it off with Rumpshaka Music Festival in Connectictut, Cloud Bass Music Festival in West Virginia and Camp Bisco in New York State.





RAVERFOX (Baltimore)

DJ Raverfox is a professional party person who hails from Baltimore City. Raverfox, head of Baltimore City Ravers, promotes Electronic Dance Music and rave culture within Baltimore City by DJing and throwing his own parties with the undying aid of the Baltimore City Ravers Crews, (Raverfox's dope possy.)

Raverfox has had upclose and personal experience in the scene as a DJ, Promoter, and Producer and after a year of rave production, Raverfox and the Baltimore City Ravers have become one of the more intermediate groups of Baltimore City's Rave scene, throwing parties in clubs, warehouses, backyards, and pretty much anywhere there will be 100+ party people ready to throw down.

DJ Raverfox is known for an eclectic taste in music. His sets have great vareity and he can "spin for the occasion", as it where. Styles ranging from Hardstyle to DnB, Gabber to Dubstep, Hi-NRG to Fidget, there is nothing this DJ really can keep from his mixdeck. What stays consistent, however, is the rage-face inducing high-energy sounds that pump from the speakers when he is behind the decks. Raverfox is all about keeping it loud and keeping it heavy, but he also appreciates the finer points of EDM, maintaing total BAMF-ness whilst also providing music that is meant to change the mind and perspective as well as promote "the feel good" party.


SKU11KID (Baltimore)
UK Hardcore

1003 East Pratt Street

10$ to enter
18+ Party

No Guns. Just hugs.
Bad Vibes Not Allowed.
Egos left at the door.


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Re: 06.02.2012 - Hardcore Volume III

Post  ChooChoo on Tue May 22, 2012 3:26 am

I swear by the rocket fuel that runs through my veins that I will never allow myself to miss a hardcore party in Baltimore if there is anything at all I can do to prevent it Smile HTID

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