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Post  djraverfox on Tue Jan 22, 2013 8:25 pm

Its been a wild ride guys. Nearly four years of blasting our tunes and we are still around. We've been through some crazy shit for the sake of our tunes. I am sitting in my freezing cold living room on the southside - the industrial wasteland of Baltimore City. All the windows in our house are boarded up. We all are dressed like we are going for a walk - I'm wearing 3 sweaters, 2 pairs of socks, a caution-tape scarf, beanie, gloves...I'm a pretty hood portrait right now.

I thank my lucky stars for the love of music because without it - I probably wouldn't have anything to show for myself.

I'm writing his post on the currently dead forum to try to get folks back on here.

This is our own little corner of the internet for ourselves - the webpage that will be all BCR friends and family.

We've seen that even though we may all be unified by positive intentions, we attract a wide variety of people. In order to secure the vibes and the family spirit of the party, we are purposely going further underground - getting off of social networks.

Facebook is too public for what we do. A rave is a sensitive environment where we indulge in an altered state - either spiritually or chemically. In order to properly facilitate our energy, we must become more of an enigma - a community that is sought out rather than promoted.

Qualitative Branding vs. Quantitative Branding

Our Facebook Page will still run - but it will be for the convenience of our members. The word on everything BCR will always be posted here and visible only to us. Smile

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