Preference in Diversity

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Preference in Diversity

Post  ChooChoo on Thu Dec 08, 2011 3:22 am

Obviously we have a lots fans of lots of different genres in this city. Tons of hardcore fans, plenty of house and electro fans, and, as of recently of course, lots of dubstep fan fans.
My question is do you people prefer a party full of lots of diverse genres all in one night, like a gabber set before an electro set, followed by some Drums and Basses? Or do you prefer a night of just one genre or one sect of genres, such an entire event of the harder styles, or even just all hardcore?
What do you guys think?

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Re: Preference in Diversity

Post  djraverfox on Sun Dec 11, 2011 12:14 pm

From my experience, it looks like this...

Gabber UK Hardcore Hardstyle Hard-House/Trance Drum and Bass Electro Dubstep House
(Almost No US Following) (Almost Mainstream)

LEO CORSON actually had a good talk about this sort of thing in America vs. Europe.

In America, a diverse line-up has a greater ability to sell, but the American party almost ALWAYS has to have at least 2 rooms of sound if not 3 or even 4.

American music society is ecclectic and we embrace the attribute of freedom and diversity of tastes. The American raver HAS to move about because we, as a society, have musical ADD. An all Dubstep show, albeit more mainstream, has almost the same likelyhood of an all Hardstyle show of being a huge success - in that they both wont pan out in America.

In Europe, its different. Hundreds of thousands of people will gather at a Qlimax festival and throw down like none other, and they will do it for three days under the same stage of all artists playing the same genre. That sort of thing has never happened and probably will never happen in the US.

Drums and Basses

What conversation is this from? XD

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